My way of life

I am on a mission to help 10,000 small business entrepreneurs achieve their most ambitious revenue target, create massive wealth and live a life of fulfilment.

Why am I so passionate about helping others? I would love to share a little bit about myself with you.

I have grown up in a loving close-knit family in Kolkata, India, where values and education were of prime importance. My parents tried to give the best of opportunities that they could within their limited means, to both my sister and me. I loved my school life at Loreto House, where I was the President of the Student Council. Being involved in sports, debates, music and most extra-curricular activities, I enjoyed my childhood and was a fairly happy child. We were not particularly well-off but as a child I had a fairly comfortable life filled with family and friends. As a student, I did quite well and moved on to being in a few of the premier institutes of India as well as the world. Graduation was in Presidency College, Kolkata; MA was in JNU, New Delhi; and MPhil was in the University of Cambridge, UK. I got great opportunities to continue my learning process in my corporate career and did wonderful residential leadership courses in IIM (B) and IIM (C), India’s Top 5 B-schools.


During the course of my two decades of work life, I have had the opportunity to work with great inspiring leaders on one hand and disastrous bosses on the other. Whether it was CEOs of large corporates or entrepreneurs, it is the leadership style and the team engagement efforts that really led to the productivity of the team and consequently, the natural growth in revenue. My interaction with 100s of entrepreneurs and seeing where their companies currently stand gave deeper insight that at the end of the day in micro and small businesses it is only the Entrepreneur, his skills and his mindset that matters. Everything else follows from this. And the best part is that whether it is skills or mindset it is all learnable and can be implemented very effectively with a little bit of guidance. An Entrepreneur who develops the coaching style of leading his team can get the highest productivity ever and a very happy environment.

This is where I want to make the transformational journey for the Entrepreneur as a Growth Acceleration for Millennial Entrepreneurs’ Coach. 


Come be a part of this journey with me and let us build a happy productive team for you, which will give you massive growth and great fulfilment.


Business consultant



What My clients Say about me

I serve my clients with deep insights and create great impact and massive results. Clients have benefited 10x with me having discovered what prevents them from achieving greatness and success and understanding to transform themselves for wholistic fulfilment in life , business or profession.