Hi! I am Kamalini Roy

I am on a Mission to help 10,000 Small Business Entrepreneurs Create Massive Wealth By Building A Dream Team and Live a Life of Fulfilment.


Hi, I am Kamalini Roy, I am here to help you create massive wealth & gain freedom in your business by building your Rockstar high-performance team.

“Coaching with me can help you Achieve your Goals, find Solutions to your Challenges and Scale your Business Manyfold”

This is how I can help you

Gain clarity on your goals, both in business, and in life

Manage stress and create a peaceful environment for yourself, inspite of difficult circumstances

Enhance your productivity and improve your time management

Create winning habits that will move you forward in life; eliminate unproductive habits

Reduce conflict at home and work, in professional as well as personal relationships

Overcome procrastination and learn self - motivation with greater focus



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Here is how we can work together

Working with me will enable you to have clarity in your approach to business, put clear actionable plans in place, create high performance teams, put processes and systems
in place and thereby, create wealth and abundance 


If you want to break all your mindset limitations, build high performance teams, find time to do what you love, then my 1:1 coaching is meant for you 

Group Coaching

Find the strength in mastermind groups of like-minded entrepreneurs with similar challenges in small groups of 3-5 people

Life Coaching

 Customized individual coaching to gain full awareness of what holds you back, understanding your inner beliefs and breaking through your limiting mindsets and habits to unleash the most powerful and incredible being that lies within you

About Me

For 30 years I have been obsessed with investing my time and money in my own learning to
ensure high impact and high value results to get YOU what you want.


20 Years Of Work Experience

12 Steps To Build The Team That Will Build Your Business

If you want to
then this handbook is a must for you.
Implement these 12 simple steps and see how your team transforms magically, in a short span of time, to help you achieve your business goals year on year.

Available on Amazon Globally in Kindle and Paperback

I invite you to contact me now, and let me share with you what I have learnt so that You can increase your profitability and be a Super Successful Entrepreneur.

What My Clients​​ Say about Me

Entrepreneur Coach Kamalini Roy helped me in my entrepreneurial journey as an author. My business had come to a grinding halt thanks to Covid, and she coached me into believing that I could have an alternative career as an author, particularly because writing is something I really enjoy (I have been an avid blogger for many years). She helped me overcome the self doubts I had which were major road blocks to writing a book. She also helped me feel that it may be therapeutic for me to share my story, which had had an adverse impact on me during my growing up years. To sum up, if it hadn't been for her coaching that helped me overcome several mindset barriers, the book would never have seen the light of day.
Akshay Hiremath
Entrepreneur, Founder & Owner of Memory Marg, Author & Writer
Kamalini has several qualities to make her a great Coach, which can create deep impact and quick results for her clients. Chief among them is the ability to comprehend and connect. She is the epitome of IQ and EQ well meshed. I have worked with her for around ten years and I have found her to have a clear focus towards her clients which helps her create strong bonds and relationships. Her corporate tenure has helped her build a deep understanding of business development, sales, marketing and financial services which make her a GREAT Entrepreneur Coach
Winston Norhona
Entrepreneur, Founder - Creative Learning Solutions
Kamalini has been my corporate coach and I can’t begin to tell how great my association has been with her. Her first and foremost quality as a coach is that she’s extremely passionate about helping her mentees....Thanks Kamalini for coming in to my Life and coaching me! I treasure the sessions I had with the most non judgemental coach. May your tribe increase.
Neha Sood